As a Catholic Independent Day College (High School) dedicated to the authentic education of boys and girls from Grade 8 to Grade 12, the College provides a caring, family-oriented environment in which the College community sets and maintains standards of excellence by offering a balanced curriculum which encourages learner participation in a variety of academic, spiritual, cultural, sporting and community-related activities in preparation for the IEB National Senior Certificate Examinations and responsible Christian adulthood.

De La Salle Holy Cross College is also committed to the broader community and offers its co-operation and provides its facilities for use from time to time by Parish and Diocesan organizations. The College serves the Community as an Adult Learning Centre, a satellite centre of the City Deep Adult Education Centre - EKUKHANYENI - offering courses in Basic Literacy, Primary and Secondary Level Education and supplementary courses in serving, typing, cookery and computer skills. Senior pupils also have the opportunity of serving the community by their voluntary involvement in catechetics and literacy at the Parish.

Mission Statement

 In keeping with the ideals and values of the Gospels, De La Salle Holy Cross College strives to provide a human and Christian education for all its learners

  • encompassing their spiritual and moral formation, academic preparation and social and cultural development
  • in a non-discriminatory, community-oriented and caring environment which recognizes and respects the dignity and rights of each individual
  • fosters attitudes of compassion, tolerance, concern for justice and service to others
  • cultivates a welcoming, stimulating and enriching atmosphere of peace, harmony and trust
  • encourages a culture of learning conducive to individual and community well-being
  • and offers well-defined patterns of acceptable behavioural norms and skills in the development of individual and social conscience and responsibility.

 The Academic Curriculum

The academic curriculum comprises both the humanities and sciences as well as examination and non-examination studies and has been designed to meet both provincial and national requirements for all grades. The attainment of educational excellence at all levels is a primary consideration as prioritized in the appointment of qualified educators and the restriction of individual class groups to a maximum of 28 learners.

At High School levels the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) is administered by the Independent Examinations Board.

The Grade 8 and 9 learners follow courses in the following learning areas:

English, Afrikaans or isiZulu, Mathematics, Life Science and Physical Science, Geography, History, Arts and Culture, Consumer Studies, Computer Literacy, Life Orientation, Religious Education, Business Studies and Accounting

At the completion of Grade 9 learners must choose subjects in accordance with the requirements of the Further Education and Training band (FET). These subjects are carried through to Grade 12, and so careful consideration must be given to the choices made.

COMPULSORY - English, Life Orientation

CHOOSE ONE OF - Afrikaans OR isiZulu, Mathmatics OR Mathematical Literacy


These groups change from year to year, so the details below are for information only.

  • Business Studies, Life Science, History, Consumer Studies,  Physical Science
  • Business Studies, Life Science, History, Visual Arts, Geography
  • Accounting, Life Science, Computer Applications Technology, Physical Science, Geography

Advanced Program Mathematics and Advanced Program English are offered as extra subjects. AP subjects have no influence of the final NSC, and will not appear on the final NSC certificate. A separate certificate is issued by the IEB. 

high_school_2.jpgExtracurricular Curriculum
De La Salle Holy Cross College provides all its pupils with the opportunity of participating in a wide variety of academic, spiritual, cultural, sporting and church/community related extramural activities:-

  • Church and Community Involvement
  • Lasallian Youth Group
  • Public Speaking
  • Debating
  • Drama
  • Choir
  • Chess
  • Pipe Band
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Hockey (Girls)
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Swimming

about de la salle holy cross high school

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